Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Australia the moderate and moderated country

I am happy to be an Aussie. I know I live in probably the most comfortable nation on the planet at this time in human history. Until today. We are going to be subjected to big brother telling us what we can and can't see on the internet.

Yes we are too comfortable and when that happens we get sleepy.

There is a simple principle that I hold to- leave the Internet alone- I want anarchy in one place only- the Internet. It is important to have one place where we know there are no restrictions. Like in the movie 2010 I say to this government

- all of these worlds are yours except this one-

the internet.

I hope there are some really smart people out there who can teach this government a bloody good lesson. I want all their sites hacked to the shithouse until they back off from this ridiculous and meddlesome task.

Yes the internet and anarchy has its risks and it's not all good. But the real good of it is the total freedom it represents. This pitiful protect the children battle cry that politicians bandy around for their curbing of our freedom, yet again, doesn't hold up. It will do nothing mark my words. The governement should leave parenting to the parents of this nation.

Next you will see the overthinking man in handcuffs for putting up a subversive blog. Yeah right!

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