Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad is good

I noticed an article in today's Age newspaper on songs that are junk food to healthy teenage thoughts on relationships. Of course Lady Gaga was right up there. She is so ordinary. She has been wheeled out as the next outlandish bad is good girl. Each generation has to have one and this poor excuse is the top of the pops at present. This got me to thinking about the whole concept of bad is good.

Good is so uncool isn't it. The goody religious types have done a great job of making good totally corny. They are really sickening with their syrupy concoction of childishness and cuteness fuelled by an acute fear of hell and Godly wrath in their afterlife if they ain't like that.

see. Good is a really serious business. When something good is happening we are supposed to be really proper in our response to it. We gotta be you know- appropriately impressed and show serious acknowledgement of the goodness. You know. We gotta be all pious like. But bad well bad is just way cool. We feel really cool just being bad. You know like being pissed. It's really cool to be off your face. It's a party- get of your face. Not. It's a party- have some yummy chocky cake. That's just plain lame right?

I did a shitload of partying for most of my life. I was a bad boy. Fully bad. No drugs- just shitloads of piss. Me and the Maoris ( renowned for pissing on you know) - every weekend full on pissed. I was way cool because I was fully pissed. The only thing was- I didn't realize that I was no longer a teenager. And consider; I only stopped 4 years ago- age 53.

See, getting totalled, is for the teens. It's what they must do. Or they are lame. That's all. Such wisdom I come out with sometimes. This has said absolutely nothing. But I wrote it anyway.

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Geoff maritz said...

It's funny how our thinking seems to change once we are in our teens then our twenties then our thirties then our forties then our fifties. I think when we are in our fifties we seem to sober up with regards to our past. You know what I mean? We will have to see what our sixties have in store for us.