Monday, December 7, 2009

Common thinking

I woke up this morning thinking about what many people think about. The first was Jesus Christ. I immediately, on impulse and for no known reason, googled, as I have done before, Jesus Christ Myth. That really opened up a heap of links. Too many to be of any use really and all of them taking one side, yes the man really lived and no he was a myth. The problem with the resourcefulness of the Internet at our disposal is that we now have a sea of opposing opinions to wade through before we can make up our mind on anything. Also it is only going to get worse. On the subject itself, I would say that in my opinion the man was a myth. I'm a party pooper for all my good Christian friends including my beautiful girlfriend but I am sorry to say that I have found nothing to support the actual existence of Jesus. Mind you, before the Internet I hadn't even questioned the existence of Jesus in history. It never occurred to me that he may be a myth. Catholic background you know- it always made out that all the stuff they were feeding my young mind was fact including all the metaphysical clap trap contained within religion. It was all a meme. I know that now thanks to the Internet. If you don't know what a meme is look it up on the Internet because I think that's what we have all caught - memes.

Currently the biggest cultural meme amongst young girls is Twilight. It's gone beyond simple entertainment into the realm of emotional reality. They actually believe it is a good work of art in the first instance and secondly they actually think it is perfection in it's depiction of romantic love. In two thousand years will it be so important artisticall,y literally or in any way. How is it that Jesus kept up with the times. Now that's a mystery isn't it?

Common thinking is that the climate is changing. To me it's all just weather and whether. Explaining this: We will always have weather and it's whether you believe or not that it is in some way different to the way it was is the issue. So further on in my thinking I think - will this be the issue most thought about in two thousand years? I doubt it.

Common thinking is so short lived really.

As a post script; I put this ordinary little piece of writing up to:

Scare off bible bashers
Scare off teenagers

I don't want any of these types here on overthinking. Not that I have too many visitors to scare off in the first place- but just in case I become a meme. ( I live in hope)

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