Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fresh start- clean slate

I see that TV has another one of those docos scientifically examining the bible being some kind of factual account of things that happened in the past. Oh yawn!

Recently I have begun feeling invaded. No I don't mean that I have aliens standing at the end of my bed ( But this is no more fantastic than the myth of Christmas mind you). But i feel more that my parents allowed my developing mind to be subject to an implantation of a meme. You know, a virus of the mind. In fact this practice continues at this very time of scientific enlightenment. How can we allow this terrible thing to happen to our children? And people think it is good!!!

Are we ever going to evolve as an intelligent species or are we forever going to be caught infecting each new generation with the myths that religion perpetuates?

As I have said before, I do believe in an intelligence behind all this life. I do believe in purpose and meaning. I do believe in goodness and love. I do believe in an afterlife. I do believe I have a personal connection to God/ the creator/ universal conciousness /force or whatever you would call it. I feel it strongly and I am reminded almost every day through lots of coincidences that are simply beyond coincidence to my mind. But I just can't come at the religious myths as being factual accounts of what really happened in the past. I have cleaned the slate of recent on all this type of belief and I don't feel guilty in the least.

This lack of guilt was the most difficult part of the whole exercise because this is the worst part of the whole religious myth. It says basically if you don't believe the myth then you are forever lost because you are wrong and do not have the truth or worse you have rejected the truth and because of this damned for eternity because you are not one of the saved people. This is the nastiest mind trick of the whole thing. This is the one that keeps the whole myth from going the way it should- into the past.

Now I feel like a freshly washed dish. And I sparkle.

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