Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Manners have been abandoned as they appear to be unnecessary. It is no longer the measure of a man as to whether he is well mannered or not. Knowing where to start when confronting more than a knife and fork placed in front of you at the table is unimportant. It is more a matter of comical confusion. Oh by the way. When facing an array of eating irons as you well may at a decent quality restaurant, work from the outside in. It's all you have to remember but even that seems too difficult or of course unimportant for the simians with money these days. I know I shouldn't say such things as it is disrespectful to my fellow. But honestly, it doesn't take much to be a little classy in the matters of polite behaviour. We have put a torch to the old school ways but I really think we have lost much that is endearing about the past. The main thing being gentleness. It has been harped on by old people over the generations but now I think it has finally come to an end. It's been clearly disposed of with a label of obsolete bullshit.

i know in my youth I hated all the ostentatious crap my mother went on about. But as I grow older I realize that was simply the shortsightedness of youth. There is a whole gentle and orderly style of living which many have lost because they have embraced the TV lifestyle. The culture of the home now revolves around the glowing screen. Concentration on anything that relates to manners, style, ritual, embellishment of an ordinary thing like dining with the family is gone. The screen continues to glow and all at the table stare blankly at it. The act of eating is in the large part secondary and what goes on at the table at the time is unimportant. The screen is important. We don't want to miss a thing.

The correct adjective is genteel. i want to be a genteel person as I grow older. I am most assuredly out of practice or really I never was but I want to give it a go. I have done all the tough boy stuff. It has done nothing for me. It hasn't gained me any respect at least. And when I say this I don't mean respect from others, rather, I mean respect from myself.

Suddenly in my life, I wish to be more well mannered and mild. I wish to be orderly and calm. I want to be all those things that I considered best left to wimpy men. Oh fuck yeah! Oops. I beg your pardon. I will get the hang of it------ Oh gosh. That's better-- what a surprise!

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