Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Set the course to straight ahead

How do people do it?

i write my little musings here and they always suffer the same pattern.

I start off writing in one direction and by the end of the writing I have turned around in the opposite direction to my opening attitude or opinion. I'm like a ship that sets off on a course gets a certain numberr of kilometres out from port only to discover that it is heading back to port. It's simply sailed a big adventurous circle.

it's pretty much how life goes though. We are distracted by the goings on around us that make us think we a doing something new all the time. But we're not really. We are doing the same things with different things or people. God knows when we get into our circles. Sometime when we are very young of course. But it is virtually an illusion that we set the course to straight ahead. Our rudder is well and truly set to navigate a big circle.

But it's underwater and we don't see that.

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