Monday, December 14, 2009

A zombie time of year

Christmas is upon me. I am out with the mass of people in the shopping centre frantically trying to get the gift buying thing out of the way. I know I should be more cheerful- but I just want this part of it out of the way. It really makes me edgy. And for all the over choice we seem to enjoy during the year in our addiction to spending, there seems to be a sort of sameness to the gift ideas of this year to that of last. And it is sort of limited unless you wish to spend serious money on each person.

The weird thing is though, I usually love to go out spending. Any excuse and I will rush out and spend. But when you feel compelled to do it, well, that's a whole different thing. No- one tells me what to do. Right? Wrong.

Freedom. Forget it. We are zombies. We march out and we do as we are told. Spend. Spend now. OK. Spend now even though the prices are all temporarily inflated. OK. Spend now on stuff that people will unwrap, look at and then forget for the rest of their lives. OK.

Legend would have it that it is to do with celebrating the birth of a guy who ended up a zombie- no disrespect intended. Mind you , there is absolutely no hard historical evidence that this guy ever actually lived in the first place so the zombie thing may be just a myth. It is a matter of taking that on faith. But it is a sort of fully zombie thing isn't it? We act like zombies going in for the whole thing in mindlessly doing what has been done for centuries without question. And then you think in terms of giving the perfect gift. The perfect gift for this planet at this time is to cut back on consumption and things that cause unnecessary consumption like Christmas would be best put a whole other way. It would be best to say to our fellow man. Don't give gifts anymore just wish everyone around you peace on Earth but do the Earth the biggest service you could in its troubled times. Don't massively consume on a global scale such as they would have that this season requires. The bloke who's life we apparently celebrate didn't mass consume did he? Apparently he lived as a poor person. He taught a non material message of care. Care without presents. Sorta says something about the incongruous nature of the yearly event.

And if we keep up this out of control consumerism then we truly are the walking dead. Our time will soon come to an end. Not consuming at Christmas- now that would be a real celebration- if we were a logical species that is. And we most certainly are not.

Merry Christmas.

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