Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm taking a break from overthinking. I'm going to just think for a while. I may be back if the symptoms  return but otherwise........................... Oh one last thing. Apple Ipad is a total wank- Apple sell total wanks to total wankers so it will do very well.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No fish

Fishing is something that really works overthinking man hard. I hadn't been fishing for many years so when an opportunity arrived -off I went for a four days of fish catching. But before that there was the obligatory study up for best results routine. I went through it all. carefu;lly choosing the best rig the best bait the best everything for the types of  fish that supposedly inhabited the water where I was going.

four days--- no fish. Not a nibble.

Is it me or did I miss something. It can't be that difficult. Fish are stupid right? No fish.

When we arrived at this place, a place that only exists because there are fish I noted that there were heaps of fishing related businesses. You know, bait shops boat shops boat hire shops tackle shops -everything to do with fishing was there. Yep I thought- definitely a fishing place- sure to be fish here. Great.

I was keen. I was eager. So off fishing. But after four days and not one nibble I came to a conclusion. No fish. There are no fish in this area. It's all a set up. Lots of water, lots of everything that would make one think that there are fish. But there is no fish.

I said to a couple of locals that I thought there was no fish here. They stared back at me in a sort of distance chasing way and repeated " No fish?" it's like they knew there were no fish and didn't want to be caught out letting on that there was no fish or it was the first time someone had dared to say it. No fish.

The whole place relied on fishing yet I did notice street after street of empty holiday homes. People had stopped coming down because I know and they know that there is no fish. Boats everywhere, houses everywhere, everything in place for fishing. but there are no fish.


Anyway the new rod and reel goes back in the shed. All the perfect tackle too. It can stay there gathering dust. Fishing is a total waste of time. Those idiots who spend zillions on their gear, read all their fishing books drooling over fish catching porn, buying million dollar boats and holiday houses to match. They are all wasting their time and money. There is no fish. Get over it.

I won't complain about the price of fish at the market anymore. Fish are a rare thing. Just about anywhere you or I try our luck we will mainly end up wet arse and no fish.

I'm a good time waster as you may have noticed- but I'm not as good as fishing would require me to be.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Overthinking man's mental health gauge

In the interests of simplicity I offer my assessment test which one may use to measure his mental health.

Choose one of the following statements that best describe your attitude:

1.I don't give a shit what people think of me

2.I care, somewhat, that people think I have what it takes to be a good guy

3. I want people to love me to bits

4. I wanna be a rockstar

5. I want people to approve of the smell of my shit alongside my bad habits or whatever

6. I love me why don't you?

If any of these statements matched your commonly held attitude then you are one sick puppy. Yeah. I know. Number 2 looked right didn't it? The reason it's not is simple. They all show a severe mental illness because they all contain the word "I". It simply means that you are human; as self centred as can be and spend your whole time thinking about yourself and your needs. You are a total prick who needs a good foot up the arse in order to snap out of your obsession with yourself and get on with thinking about others.

Get it? We are all mentally ill. It's the degrees of mental illness that really count though.

We could all have it

After recent a recent argument with a friend who has Obsessive compulsive disorder I thought I would read up on the subject. I wanted to refresh on just exactly what goes on with people who have this taxing condition. The first thing I realized was that I was lining up for an argument by even opening my mouth in the first place. But hey! Everyone knows I am a big mouth. Me and a friend who has OCD- not exactly a match made in Heaven. Here is a downloadable book called TIGHTROPE WALKING by a psych named Gwyneth Daniel.

If you have OCD or you are close to a person who has it then I think this book is worth a read.

Anyway having read it I reckon I have many of the attributes put forward as symptoms of OCD. But then- read any medical writings and you will have whatever you are reading about.

As much as I care for my OCD friend I gotta say- it's tough. I go from feeling sorry for her in her struggle for control  to finding her a self absorbed neurotic who wants to control all conversation and all outcomes and who has uncontrollable outbursts of anger and defensiveness if something is said which she is sensitive about. Which is pretty much any negative remark made against her. Like if she were to read this then it would be world war 3--- yet again.

But I cant get past the feeling that just maybe--- overthinking equals OCD. Oh this is a real worry. I don't want to be a real pain in the arse like them.

Now i better run for cover-- I can feel a nuke in the air. And it's coming my way.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now I know why

Should have guessed it- A new TV series based on the older women in the dating circuit entitled Cougar Town. That will be one to watch. I have written enough on this less than fascinating subject. It's bringing my  high quality blog down so I am finished with it now. Cougars are just plain desperate and self centred and their antics are common and boring. The lives they lead are nothing to do with overthinking. In fact they are nothing to do with thought at all. I would say they are more thoughtless in their ways. So there! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is a real woman

Here is what I see as a beautiful woman.


Here is today's article on the subject.

Being a possible ( And I emphasise possible) member of the opposing faction- dirty old men's club- I have some understanding of what drives these predatory women. At the same time I feel a small amount of vomit rising when I see them in action. I used to hang out with three of 'em for many years and watch them in action. One of them was my ex- wife by the way.  I only feel sickened when they are butt ugly and still think they have a chance with younger blokes. And I gotta say that most cougars are butt ugly. They only think that they can get away with their ways because they think they are still beautiful enough to have a chance with young fellas. They have a high opinion of themselves and their pulling power. They have this because of past success when they were young but they seem to have failed to realise that they are now old. Physically they may be pretty enough, in the dim light, but their motives runs the risk of being butt ugly--and it is. How do I know this?  To the cougar, men, are simply a life support for a firm young rod. So because they have this major glitch I have the opinion that they are low- lifes just like any predatory old person. They never grew past their genitals.

The language these old birds use dresses up their intentions and matches their overuse of makeup and paddings for the dim light show they put on to snare young blokes. It's all fake. It is centred around the connection thing. This gives it sort of a quasi soul or spiritual slant. They make out like they want a deep relationship with their prey but really the depth only extends as far as the length of a penis which is attached to as young a man as possible at the time. But it keeps them going and they can still feel good about themselves. But they don't. I think they must feel like there is a squirt of youth coming from the penis that they need in them or something and that this is a rich spiritual ritual thing not simply hot animalistic sex. Some of them are really convinced that their actions are admirable and to be commended. They sure have that wrong. If I were a young bloke I wouldn't want to wake up next to one of these horrors. I guess that's why the wise young fellah hops out of bed before the morning light.

In anything we do we should look at our intent. The intent for cougars is to please themselves. No-one else matters. Funny how they are in the news today. It follows on from my post yesterday. No such thing as co-incidence.

The thing that is really scarey for young men is that the Western population mix is now weighed towards women and in the cougar age group. There are a heap of them out there guys. You will be overwhelmed. They will be increasingly getting in your way whilst you hunt your preferred prey. You better hope the lights stay dim if you get sucked in. Here's a bit of older guy advice: Get out before dawn!!! It's a desperate raid. Treat it as such and get on with your true purpose as soon as possible. And remember your hand. In many cases it works better than the thing you just did. Stick with it when times are lean. No embarrassment in that because it's private and personal. Bet you are not thinking of some old woman when your doing it too.

Contrary to common opinion most aspects of growing old are great. It's when you are still troubled by it that you end up being creepy like cougars.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Real Women

I love women. They are my favourite types of human. They are totally beguiling. The  way they talk. The way they look.It all works for me except for the way many of them think about what their lives are about.

It seems that the nature of women is set in stone. It is probably to do with the fact that we males have a fleeting little encounter with them called sex and if all goes not to plan which often happens)then they spend the rest of their lives encumbered with a totally needy creature called a child.

Yep. That would totally fuck up my way of doing life too I reckon. Anyway---------

Women have their stages in life and their behaviour goes like this:

Early stage: Getting everything they want by looking cute. This always involves working on the dad as mothers are on to them coz they have been there themselves.

Teen years: Getting everything they want by looking cute but adding sexy to the mix in order to expand from just dad to the rest of the males in the world.

Young woman/ breeding phase: Getting everything they want by looking beautiful, cute and sexy. This works on their father, all other males and other women now. This is because other women want to know their secret and will do anything for them in order to find it.

Motherhood phase. Too busy to get what they want now. So they think that being a mother is what it's all about and looking beautiful is no longer necessary.

Competition Phase: Back to getting everything they want by competing to look beautiful with their teenage daughter. The males know they are at the later stages and now finally possess the upper hand so things get tough for women.

Middle Age: It's all over. There is no bargaining power left to a woman in terms of her looks. That chip is no longer on the table.

Now we know why some women are so much up in arms at the likes of a super-model posing naked in a magazine recently and saying that she is real. The only ones who remain silent are those pre competition phase.

But all women have their time in the sun. They all look so amazing whilst they are young. Their youth itself looks amazing let alone if they possess beauty itself. They are flowers calling for their bee. But this aspect wilts. And this is why women are so fixated on how they look. Goodness. After they wilt--- what's left?

But ah. When they are in full glory---------- well they drive us males mad with their beauty and their ways.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No longer funny

I'm really trying to keep up the funny thing. You know the persona I have created here was supposed to be really funny. Always looking at life in a fun way. Well guess what? Life is not funny all the time. In fact most of the time it is not funny at all. And anyone who goes around saying it is deserves to be called a fool. I don't wish to be labelled as such so I definitely will go with this serious side to my posts until I see something funny to write about. I'm not going to make things funny when they are not just to give you all your daily laugh. Find your own fucking laughs. I have to so you can too. So there!

Most of the time you have to work very hard to actually find a laugh in this life. Yeah. That's right. It's not easy.

Anyway. I'm going back to toothbrushing the taps in the bathroom. It's the only way to get that grime out of the corners. Now you can see why I have lost my humour.

Maintaining Warmth in the Digital Cool

When I was younger I used to record musicians on tape recorders. There are people alive today who have never used a tape recorder. The problem with this medium was that it had a terrible hiss when played back. It was called tape hiss. But it still sounded very pleasing ( alongside this hiss) and was faithful to the sounds the musicians were making. This was particularly so with vocals. There was a warm quality to the recorded sound. Those strange vinyl discs produced the same luscious sound. In musio tech this was called the analog world of sound. Then we started using computers to record sound and we listened to music on compact discs or CDs. This was the digital world of sound. I remember first hearing a CD played at a tech show in the Exhibition buildings back in the early 80's. It sounded amazing. It sounded pristine and clear. But it sounded cold. As cold as ice. Scarily cold. Machine-like. Artificial.Distant. Non-human.

Now we take this sound quality for granted.

So too has our way of communicating become cold. The short text message is as cold as one can get. I have been using the xx at the end of every message I send in order to warm it up a bit but even xx sounds cold. Like a cancelled cancelled at the end although it's supposed to be kisses.

Every discussion I have engaged in , particularly if it is a debate on some matter ends up in argument because everything feels so cold. Every word is ice.

But teenagers are the masters of tech right?

If you stumble upon a communication eflow ( electronic or email flow- flow of electronic communication-- like it? I made that one up- cool eh?) of a teen, it looks decidedly crazy nonsense. They are oblivious to the coldness of their media and in fact feel cool using it. They don't even see that something is lacking. Warmth. Teens are cool at the best of times but now they are downright frigid.

So how do we maintain warmth now that it is a digital world of communication?

The answer is - we can't. We will just grow accustomed to it. And the next generation will know no better.

Sad isn't it?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year- but nothing else is new

Except my red pants. I am free of feeling like I'm on the slippery slope to old age. My new pants have set me free. ( Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's a delusion)