Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here is today's article on the subject.

Being a possible ( And I emphasise possible) member of the opposing faction- dirty old men's club- I have some understanding of what drives these predatory women. At the same time I feel a small amount of vomit rising when I see them in action. I used to hang out with three of 'em for many years and watch them in action. One of them was my ex- wife by the way.  I only feel sickened when they are butt ugly and still think they have a chance with younger blokes. And I gotta say that most cougars are butt ugly. They only think that they can get away with their ways because they think they are still beautiful enough to have a chance with young fellas. They have a high opinion of themselves and their pulling power. They have this because of past success when they were young but they seem to have failed to realise that they are now old. Physically they may be pretty enough, in the dim light, but their motives runs the risk of being butt ugly--and it is. How do I know this?  To the cougar, men, are simply a life support for a firm young rod. So because they have this major glitch I have the opinion that they are low- lifes just like any predatory old person. They never grew past their genitals.

The language these old birds use dresses up their intentions and matches their overuse of makeup and paddings for the dim light show they put on to snare young blokes. It's all fake. It is centred around the connection thing. This gives it sort of a quasi soul or spiritual slant. They make out like they want a deep relationship with their prey but really the depth only extends as far as the length of a penis which is attached to as young a man as possible at the time. But it keeps them going and they can still feel good about themselves. But they don't. I think they must feel like there is a squirt of youth coming from the penis that they need in them or something and that this is a rich spiritual ritual thing not simply hot animalistic sex. Some of them are really convinced that their actions are admirable and to be commended. They sure have that wrong. If I were a young bloke I wouldn't want to wake up next to one of these horrors. I guess that's why the wise young fellah hops out of bed before the morning light.

In anything we do we should look at our intent. The intent for cougars is to please themselves. No-one else matters. Funny how they are in the news today. It follows on from my post yesterday. No such thing as co-incidence.

The thing that is really scarey for young men is that the Western population mix is now weighed towards women and in the cougar age group. There are a heap of them out there guys. You will be overwhelmed. They will be increasingly getting in your way whilst you hunt your preferred prey. You better hope the lights stay dim if you get sucked in. Here's a bit of older guy advice: Get out before dawn!!! It's a desperate raid. Treat it as such and get on with your true purpose as soon as possible. And remember your hand. In many cases it works better than the thing you just did. Stick with it when times are lean. No embarrassment in that because it's private and personal. Bet you are not thinking of some old woman when your doing it too.

Contrary to common opinion most aspects of growing old are great. It's when you are still troubled by it that you end up being creepy like cougars.

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