Sunday, January 3, 2010

No longer funny

I'm really trying to keep up the funny thing. You know the persona I have created here was supposed to be really funny. Always looking at life in a fun way. Well guess what? Life is not funny all the time. In fact most of the time it is not funny at all. And anyone who goes around saying it is deserves to be called a fool. I don't wish to be labelled as such so I definitely will go with this serious side to my posts until I see something funny to write about. I'm not going to make things funny when they are not just to give you all your daily laugh. Find your own fucking laughs. I have to so you can too. So there!

Most of the time you have to work very hard to actually find a laugh in this life. Yeah. That's right. It's not easy.

Anyway. I'm going back to toothbrushing the taps in the bathroom. It's the only way to get that grime out of the corners. Now you can see why I have lost my humour.

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