Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Real Women

I love women. They are my favourite types of human. They are totally beguiling. The  way they talk. The way they look.It all works for me except for the way many of them think about what their lives are about.

It seems that the nature of women is set in stone. It is probably to do with the fact that we males have a fleeting little encounter with them called sex and if all goes not to plan which often happens)then they spend the rest of their lives encumbered with a totally needy creature called a child.

Yep. That would totally fuck up my way of doing life too I reckon. Anyway---------

Women have their stages in life and their behaviour goes like this:

Early stage: Getting everything they want by looking cute. This always involves working on the dad as mothers are on to them coz they have been there themselves.

Teen years: Getting everything they want by looking cute but adding sexy to the mix in order to expand from just dad to the rest of the males in the world.

Young woman/ breeding phase: Getting everything they want by looking beautiful, cute and sexy. This works on their father, all other males and other women now. This is because other women want to know their secret and will do anything for them in order to find it.

Motherhood phase. Too busy to get what they want now. So they think that being a mother is what it's all about and looking beautiful is no longer necessary.

Competition Phase: Back to getting everything they want by competing to look beautiful with their teenage daughter. The males know they are at the later stages and now finally possess the upper hand so things get tough for women.

Middle Age: It's all over. There is no bargaining power left to a woman in terms of her looks. That chip is no longer on the table.

Now we know why some women are so much up in arms at the likes of a super-model posing naked in a magazine recently and saying that she is real. The only ones who remain silent are those pre competition phase.

But all women have their time in the sun. They all look so amazing whilst they are young. Their youth itself looks amazing let alone if they possess beauty itself. They are flowers calling for their bee. But this aspect wilts. And this is why women are so fixated on how they look. Goodness. After they wilt--- what's left?

But ah. When they are in full glory---------- well they drive us males mad with their beauty and their ways.

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