Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back on track

Getting older every day. Getting wiser too. That's the only good thing about it. I'm still kicking myself over wasted time. That's inevitable. I said getting wise but not wise. I just wasn't wise enough over my years to recognize when I was wasting my time or others were wasting it for me. If you can't do that then time is wasted in a very big way.

But I'm back on track. I going to stop bitching about things in my life and go ahead and do things but not bitch----- anymore. Oh fuck!!!! I was just biting down on some lovely crunchy toast and my top denture broke in half. Oh fuck!!!!! Forget it. I gonna keep bitchin'. This really pisses me off. And so does just about everything else for that matter. Ok. Being pissed off is normal. It's our default setting-----obviously. I'm not wise. I should've known that. I thought placid and quiet and happy and content and and and all that was our default but Oh No!!!!! Bitchin' is good. I'm gonna really get stuck into it now.

I will have to chew on one side till the dentist can fit me in and then wait for a month whilst they make a new set of teeth for me. I hate getting old. Lose all the stuff we want and grow all the stuff we don't want. At least I had my trusty Dremel to shape the broken bit of the denture into some kind of thing that won't cut the shit outta my tongue. I'm just gonna go sit in a darkened room for the rest of the day now--- life sucks-----sometimes.

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