Sunday, February 28, 2010

For most it's just dishes

I think about lots of things. How's that for a bright statement?

Here's one thought I just had:

We personally think we are destined for something better than the average normal person. Or, rather, we think we deserve something better. Now that's our default setting. But what is the reality for 99.99% of us? A routine and regime of domestic chores followed by a routine and tyranny of working for money. That's it. Then it's sleep and back to it each and every day. We want out. There are those who will deny this. But deep down they would prefer to spend their time doing other than what they are currently doing. And that would be--- domestic chores.

Just look at how we start in life. We go to school and socialize. That's the sum total of our days. Domestic chores are left to the parents. To the teenager- dishwashing does not exist and if it does then it is so under sufferance.  It is only when we get our own place with our own responsibilities that the domestic chores thing takes over . And it is quite novel for a while--- until the rot sets in.

Anyway I'm not telling anyone anything new in this--- I'm just bitchin'---just because I want to. And I hope it doesn't upset your day. How can it? You have dishes to do.

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