Friday, February 26, 2010

Having no meaning

I'm going through a stage in my life where everything seems to be fake.( Everything except dishes of course). It's as if the words that come from my mouth have no truth to them after I have said them. I feel good with my thoughts when I am alone but when I talk with people they seem pointless, unnecessary and meaningless. Maybe I am experiencing opinion burn out? Everything has a feeling I have said it all before. I mean just look at the things we do for entertainment- haven't we seen it all before? Life is just like doing dishes. The old saying same bullshit different day expresses this little thought perfectly.

I just had a thought. Maybe I have been responding to the many silly little questions ( the ones that go "what did he mean"- "what did she mean" then "your so mean" type of conversations) posed by self absorbed morons for too long. Yep. Burn out-- that's it. I've spent so long dumb'ing down that I have dumb'ed down. The stupid questions have finally worn me down. One can only go round and round the same stupid questions from stupid people for so long only to end up collapsing into a state of absolute exhaustion. Burn out- yep that's what I've got. My fuse has finally set off an explosion of revulsion for stupid people who need answers to their neurotic and stupid questions about how they should feel about this person's statements or that person's looks and do I like,,, look good in this and all that useless crap. Gossipy crap-- I have played with gossip and it has come back to bite me--that's it. Everything we say is just gossip when we talk to stupid people.

Oh. I'm really on about stupid people in recent posts. Maybe I've just had enough of dealing with them--??? Gotta get some meaning back into these posts. When I first started I had heaps of interesting things to say. But my humour took a turn for the worse--this results from dealing with people who don't have a sense of humour about themselves. I have kicked one or two too many mines in being involved with one in particular and the damage is showing eh?

The thing that makes me feel really stupid  though is that I put up with it for so long. I was sucked in. These people are good at making one feel important.  Superior even. But in the end they bring you down. One's own superiority brings one down. Because you realize you ain't superior you are simply as stupid as the next person.  If you are a man you are vulnerable to that pretty face aren't you?---- Oh she is so pretty- she must be a great person and very intelligent too.------ No!!! It does not follow. And I have been so stupid that I have gone with that. That's it-- the reason my words seem so meaningless now----- is------because---- THEY BLOODY WELL ARE MEANINGLESS!!!! I'm stupid. Your stupid-- Everyone's stupid!!! Really.

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