Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm a happy valentine

Being an artist means one thing--- no money. I can understand and accept that. But, oddly enough, we are provided with other wonderful things to make up it seems.

I have been so lucky in the matters of the heart. Several wives have kept me topped up with happy emotions over my life--- no not all at once---and I haven't really felt the lack of big money because I have had other things in my heart. It must be awful to live for money. I get the feeling there are a lot of people who do. Well, most people seem to if consumerism is anything to go by.

My beautiful partner gave me the best written card I have ever received for Valentine's yesterday. It stated all the thing about me which, though maybe not true, stated the way I wished to be seen by her. And that would be-- as a good and caring partner and friend.

Yep. I'm going to see myself from her point of view and live up to that. It should keep me as a good and caring partner. If I behaved the way my nasty little demons work my mind, as we all do, then I would be a total ratbag. Luckily I don't believe those nasty little demons--- or those people who seem to think poorly of me at this time. I'm a happy Valentine.

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