Monday, February 22, 2010

Living as an artist.

Work. We all must work. Some get paid for it. Some don't. I do a lot of work. But I don't get paid for it. Now this may seem stupid. But the kind of work I do no-one pays for. This is because the work that I do has no value. When I say value I mean dollar only. In fact the work I do is priceless. But it is priceless because only I see the merit in it.

society sees me as a nothing. It sees me as one of those slackers who lives on a pension and just has fun all the time. I do not provide food and I do not deal with waste. These are the necessities of life. I do nothing that provides any kind of necessary production because Art is not necessary in the eyes of the wage earning public.

It's like house keeping mothers at home with their kids. Society sees them as non- workers so they are not paid yet they are excellent consumers because they have mouths to feed and needs to fill. But no-one pays them because it was their decision to go ahead and breed. It is not a paid career path. Sure they get government handouts but these would never go near the cost of the job they perform. Artists are below this even. Society sees them as people who are just preoccupied with their own importance and people who just want to play their life away doing trivial and unimportant things. Goodness that was all over after kindergarten. It's kid's stuff.

Funnily enough though I have survived and so do millions of other mothers and artists. Somehow we get through and live a very good life. I know I have.

And what this all comes down to is the fact that we agree to do the dishes every day of our lives. Plus we do everything for ourselves. We don't hire people to do these things for us. We don't pay people who are seen to have a meaningful career to come and do  the meaning ful things in our homes. We do them ourselves. So we do meaningful things because society refuses to accept to pay for the meaning less stuff we do we do the meaningful stuff for ourselves . So you see artists do do meaningful things they don't just dont get paid for it. They do the dishes themselves and all the other meaningful things.

We simply decide this: Pay someone to do the things we need to do whilst we go and do the things someone else needs us to do or do those things ourselves and also do what we need to do ourselves. But all this does not put money in the bank. We know we can't survive without money because we cant provide everything wee need in our lives like food. If we truly wanted to do everything for ourselves then we wouldn't have enough time to do what we need to do. So again we rely on some other person to see that what we do has value and meaning and will part with their money to prove that.

See it's all very simple. Though from the way I have described the whole thing here it seems not. That's because I am confused and that's really the reason I am an artist. I am totally confused and don't understand the importance of doing something other than art if I want to survive. All I can say is I am lucky enough to have a totally screwed back which renders me incapable of digging ditches and brick laying and such. You see this proves that there is a God and He is merciful. How's that for logic?

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