Monday, February 1, 2010

The maze

I lasted 3 days but there is always something to over think about. This one's about the total waste of time many conversations we have with people turn out to be.

Talking with people is like going on a journey together.  It's like we travel along a long and winding road sharing our sandwiches. We enjoy the comments along the way and all is good----- for a time. But, sometimes, many times in fact, somewhere along the way, one of talkers like walkers steps in a hole in the road or gets a stone caught in their shoe or some other kind of annoyance happens to one or other of the travellers. This is what causes a fork in their road. Many times, one of the travellers will turn to the other with anger, blaming their companion for the annoyance though they are in no way responsible of course. The nature is to blame someone. We have to let it out don't we? But the anger brought on by the discomfort causes an effect. And the effect is not always good for the two travellers on their road together. Thus the destination is lost. Because they have turned on each other the whole point of the journey has been abandoned. And so the two travellers take on a third companion- scorn.

Scorn towards each other causes the whole journey to turn from a joy to a trial of discomfort. And then the paths they take from this point on turn into a maze. And this maze takes an age to navigate.

And then many times after they have finally navigated the maze and found their destination it turns out that their whole journey was one big circle that contained twists and turns and forks, but because they stumbled into the maze they ended up exactly where they started in the first place.

And this is how it goes with many conversations particularly with those whom are not really matched to us as a travelling companion.

We must be careful who we travel with. And if we find that every time we go on a journey we end up back at the same place after much discomfort, well------ that person is not a good travelling companion.

And this is the answer as to why we can make friends, marry partners, engage with all kinds of people in relationships for a time---- but --- we may find the path we travel is abandoned after a certain amount of time.

Obvious when put like this isn't it?

But if you are like me---we keep going with people who are simply not right as travelling companions. And we try and make it right----- but it never is.

It's a long and winding road-- that leads to your door.

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