Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing with a wasp nest.

Occasionally for thrills a good old wap wap on the side of a wasp nest can bring in some much needed excitement.

I know this little wasp. She is a sweet little thing, or so she would have me believe, and I get some good miles out of an odd challenge or two. I think she is also part fish coz she bites every time too. It's a simple matter of putting out a small tracer shot, like a semi-confrontingl observation about her various little quirks ( of which she has many) and away we go. Hold on! The ride can be rough but it's exhilarating.

Then it's simply a matter of playing the line and the fight is really on. You see- she has to have the last word. And she has to get the conversation to a happy outcome. In other words she has to hear what she wants to hear before she can let go of the conversation. It is a nerve racking experience as she goads and cajoles me along towards her desired goal which is to say exactly what she wants to hear.

You see. She really is a spoilt brat. She has the pretty face and she thinks it will allow her to be bad mannered--- whatever she feels like being in fact- and the good ol' fellah will just end up saying exactly what she wants to hear. Well this time- I ain't doin' it.

The wasps are out and flying around and they have been for a week now. This time they can bloody well stay out. I'm hiding happily in my safe place. And I know her probing eyes will be peeping around this blog site and I know she will be looking for that one about her. And here it is---little wasp

Enjoy it.

I am

And you make everything to do with you-- even when most of the time it isn't--- well this one is all about you. Do you like it?

Keep on snooping from time to time-- you may find I've got a few more barbs pointing in your direction. This is what you want isn't it? You know. Attention ----at any cost.

But now you're in my wasp nest-- feel the sting.

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