Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talking with the intellectually challenged

I know some people who just don't have the capacity for higher thoughts. yeah. I know. I'm a snob and all that. Yeah I know. This is not a politically correct thing to say in a modern, wimpy world. But I will burst the bubble here and say: Not everyone we know in our lives are bright. It does not mean that we can't love these rather stupid people. Many of them have wonderful characters and honest hearts. And imagine for a moment all those other wonderful motherhood statements I could make to help cover up the fact that I am about to bitch about stupid people.

Now in the middle of the night last night I woke up and thought this: Imagine if you were a comedian. You know-- you make your living as a person who tells jokes? Now imagine if you told your jokes and then had to explain each joke so that the person you were telling the jokes to could get it. How would you feel? Would you feel that the encounter was fun?--- enjoyable???. No!!! It would be a pain in the arse. And this is what it is like talking to less than bright people.

The result in conversations with people who are not too bright is that they go away feeling happy with a belief good conversation was had by all. But the poor soul who has had to endure spoon feeding them through the whole ordeal has endured a form of frustration only known to the comedian who has to explain his jokes before people get them.

Isn't that an interesting observation? Oh. I wonder if I am deluded myself in thinking I am bright. Apparently most men overestimate their intelligence. So I'm probably as stupid as the next man.

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