Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contradictory creatures

When you read this one you can see why I have created the overthinking man can't you? It's not my fault. Really! With this sorta thing goin' on who could blame me?

Some people I know are intriguingly baffling creatures. These people are women in particular-( of course).  Their behaviour contradicts the very words coming out of their mouths. "Oh! I'm not into sex!" she says as she cavorts for hours in front of the mirror. " No I just want to look good that's all" As the breasts are bolstered ever upward in that tiny little top she is wearing until they are on the verge of bursting out all over the place. No. She doesn't want anything to do with sex. No. Just wants to look------good? I think good is far from what is going on in her mind, in fact I think it is more towards bad girl than good girl.

 If one were to make an analogy of this type of behaviour it would be like a cake decorator. The person who decorates cakes but the cakes are to be looked at not eaten by anyone. Then again, this doesn't really capture it. It's more like if we were to reach out a finger and attempt to pick up some tasty icing our hand would be slapped away with utmost indignation. Do not attempt eating that beautiful cake. It is beyond your worthiness you lowly male.

Yep, If we blokes are caught in the off chance taking a peek at those boobies so tantalisingly on show-- well we are immediately told to take our eyes off 'em. We are seen as lecherous low life's. Hungry animals. Because you see, they are simply not there for any other purpose than being there. All male eyes are to be diverted from their region of space. Because you see, their owner is not into sex. You male idiot!

And after all this I hear complaints about how she doesn't like being ogled by every male-- including her doctor- oh shock- of horror!!!. Men are such grubby creatures. Even doctors. Who can you trust not to look at those enticing boobies then?

"We women get so tired of their eyes leering at us. What a shame" she says, "they can't be like me. "

And I can only presume she means "Pure as the driven snow"

What a game! Who is the winner? I would expect it is the one who keeps his eyes well and truly pointed towards the ceiling for just the required amount of time only to pounce when the time is right. Timing is everything in the human mating ritual.

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