Saturday, March 20, 2010

Copy! Right?- Who would bother?

Copyright is for people who have the money to defend themselves. It is useless for 99% of us creators of web content. The reason I haven't exposed any of my paintings on the internet is that once there they are lost to me. I no longer own them. The carrot in front of the donkey put forward by many is that if you put your creations up on the internet then you are getting exposure. The wise amongst us are seeing straight through this lie. The fact is if you put your stuff up on the internet you are giving it away. I would rather stick my paintings in a real world gallery and have the occasional visitor see them than have a billion thieves get their hands on them . Unscrupulous people, (which we all are really on the on the free-for-all internet) change them ever so slightly- if they can be bothered- and whack them back up under their name. The web is a plagiarist's dream come true. Just look at what's happening in music.

So here's the bottom line to this. The reason I put up this appallingly mundane blog is because I want to join in with the internet revolution. Sure! That will do for an excuse- couldn't be bothered thinking of any others.  But I am only prepared to put up this shit because I know no-one will bother stealing anything to do with it coz it is so damned menial it ain't worth the effort. It is truly a feeble thing I do here. But I enjoy it on a daily basis. The fun part of it is that I know I am writing far too much for people to take in. They only have the patience to read a couple of sentences and they're distracted, bored and off and running to the next website. Nothing important is said here. And nothing important will be said here. Funny though- to me it all makes sense. I like to reread my stuff. I get a kick out of it- it's like a literary narcissism I guess. But reading other people's stuff is a real chore. It's so unimportant to me. I'd rather read my stuff- it's much better and more fun.

When I'm gone people will enter my house and they will find a treasure trove of paintings never before seen by anyone. Huge canvasses with all kinds of brilliant images painted ever so carefully on them. And guess what- no-one who googles me in future will see them. All they will see is this silly little blog. This is my legacy. All because copyright don't work. The internet doesn't bring freedom to the artist- it makes him put a lid on his best work. The world wants everything for free- well they ain't getting my paintings for free. I know- I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face- but then- that's what overthinking does to a person.

If you don't believe me here's the proof about copyright:

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