Sunday, March 21, 2010

Electronic masturbation

I'm not talking about porn here. I'm talking about the infatuation with electronic devices such as the iPhone. The finger on the screen thing. Let me state from the start. I hate Apple and all they stand for. Why do I feel this way? I hate the sell that's why. I hate the Apple bullshit. It aims at the masturbators, by this I mean the multitude of narcissistic self-pleasers.
I have a lovely 24" monitor. If anyone sticks their greasy finger on my screen they will die. To me it is a grubby little action by an equally grubby little person. And what do I see? I see idiots all around me putting their greasy fingers on this stupid little phone and almost blowing in their jeans every time they do it. It is the new masturbation I swear. And now they are releasing all these other kinds of devices like iPads and stuff so people can have bigger devices to wipe their greasy little fingers on- just after they have picked their nose. It's sick. The world's sick. And then we are supposed to marvel at the quality of the image through all those greasy little fingerprints caked on those once pristine glass screens. It's like looking through a dirty window.

Here's the reason you will never want one of these devices if you are at all intelligent: It's all in this article

Why are people so stupid? Why do they get sucked in by the new simply because it is new? And to all those young techno trendsetting fanboys;  If they want to use their fingers so much why don't they ever want to do the dishes? You know? Something useful? Something clean!

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