Saturday, March 6, 2010


I was just sweeping the floor. Interesting eh?

When I am doing such interesting things I always get my most profound thoughts. I'm sweeping away, in a world of my own and suddenly I got it. Nothing is ever truly finished. This follows on from my post the other day. Many times I have thought that I will never finish this project or that. They never seem to finish. There is always some loose end. Something that requires a little bit more effort. An effort that seems to be impossible to get time to put in. Everything is left off because something else comes along that requires my immediate attention.

If any of us looked fairly and squarely at our lives we would see all those unfinished jobs we have done. Every one of them has something left to do on it.

Then when I look at the big world out there what do I see? Unfinished jobs. It's a necessary part of life to have unfinished jobs. It goes along with the fact that everything is in a constant state of change. The only true finish we have is when we die. We leave behind us a legacy of unfinished things which add to the chaos that is here around us now. We live in a world surrounded by the unfinished work of others. It's like with the release of new products like say computers. Some say they are evolving the whole time but I say they are unfinished projects. And they will never be finished. Goodness that's what the commercial world requires in order to survive. We must be enticed by bigger and better all the time in order to spend unnecessary money. If something was truly finished, like say a computer, then we would never need to purchase another one ever again. Ever!

Now I don't feel so bad about all thos unfinished paintings, and graphic I have sitting on my hard drive. I have stuff there dating back to my very first computer in 1990. And guess what? All of it is unfinished work or as I have been affectionately calling it-- nostalgic works in progress.

That's it!. I'm putting it all together into a book. And I'm calling it my book of unfinished work. I will leave the finishing off to the readers imagination. What a great idea! People will buy it just so they can see that everyone suffers the same unfinished symphony of life. And when I do release this book it will never be finished because I can then do another one, which will be unfinished of course so then I can do another one and another and so on--- just like the movie makers do. Ha! That's how they do it. Well I have taught myself something today. But I'm not finished.

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