Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jealous of the big boys

I must admit. I experience quite some jealousy of the big boys who have all the toys. and who do I mean by this- I mean George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron and Tim Burton. Not only am I jealous of their toys I am also very disappointed in the games they play with their toys. Guys like me don't have those proper toys to do the things they can do and we don't get the opportunity to acquire them. They have all the fun and we can only do pale things by comparison. But even though I am stuck with just my humble paint brushes and pencils by comparison, I reckon I do a far more original job than any of them do. Let's face it- they make great eye candy in their productions but at the same time they say very little that is new.

I reckon for the good of art and for sharing these blokes ought to just give some new blokes a go with their toys. It's the only way some genuine new ideas can be generated. Eye candy is great of course, but we really do expect more from the movies we see. And these guys are hogging the scene with their old and overdone ideas. They were good once- but they need to say- well we had our turn- now you new guys have a go.

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