Monday, March 1, 2010

Literary Character

I still get people thinking I actually am the type of person reflected by my writings here. I have said it before - I will state it again. My character here is a fiction. It is not me. It is a construction based on my day to day experiences. But it is not me. People can't seem to grasp that. They think the words I write here are dark and that I am that total arsehole. Well wake up people! If I really acted in real life in the way reflected in what I write here, I would have jumped off a cliff years ago- no-one would want to know me.

Here's another example of how  bleeding hearts expect everyone to have wonderful and pure thoughts. Or that everyone should aim for that way of thinking. Well they are naive. No-one has 100% pure and positive thoughts the same as they never have 100% negative and impure thoughts. We hide and cover up all our bad thoughts to everyone around us because we would be seen as total arseholes of course. But it does not mean that these thoughts do not exist within. They do. And I let them out here and it's harmless. Overthinking , the blog, is about letting out my "dark passenger".

If you take offence then I say-- if the shoe fits wear it!!!!--poor little bleeding heart that you are. There ain't no pussy footing around here. But it's not real- it's a rant-- like the poor comedian I must explain my joke-- how distasteful is that?

In real life it is more of a balance between positive and negative however. But it's like the news. Nobody would read the news if it was all positive. It must be weighed towards the negative or nobody would be interested in reading it. I apply the same principle here. If you want to have a dark and broody type of experience then here is your feed. If you want light and fluffy go elsewhere. You are precious and you don't belong here.

Consider this blog as a pressure valve. It lets it out -- for me-- and maybe for you, the reader, also. We feel alone in our negative thoughts don't we? It feels comforting to know there is someone out there who shares our dark thoughts- the ones we don't want to have, but do have, from time to time. Our road doesn't feel so lonely. Someone gets it. I used to drink gallons of alcohol to do the same thing. Then all the bullshit came out I tell ya. I don't drink a drop now. Oh! Hang on! That's it--- some people I know prefer me to be that total soak again than to be the wordy arsehole I am here. They say: " you were so much fun and lay back when you drank". This as they suck up all the booze they can get their lips around of course--- Well stuff you! I'm saving a fortune and my health is much better- both mentally and physically. Sober and nasty is a far better choice than pissed and stupid.

You can rely on a good read about negative stuff here all the time. If it's there- I let it out. And it may very well concern you- or it may appear that way at least. That's because all this is based on observation of myself and others. And underneath we are all pretty similar. And most of the time we are too busy avoiding saying the stuff I write here in an attempt not so much to be good and sensitive to others but to avoid trouble for ourselves. That's what it's all about. The answer to anyone who finds my posts upsetting is--- don't visit my blog. Piss off!

Now on with the show------------------- my show!!!!

All in all, I, the "Overthinking Man", am a literary character. Understand yet? God people are so thick!

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