Friday, March 19, 2010

The noisy monk

I have my favourite spot in the nearest super shopping mall Knox City. It is the food court- of course. And I don't go there for the peace and quiet. I would be a total idiot if I did. In fact it usually contains the sound level of of low flying jet particularly when school is out. So today I am there happily munching on my big mac, I make sure I have one of these once a week. See I am into healthy food. I had my usual spot at the window which looks out at my beautiful hills. This is how ridiculous I am. I only like to go there for the view. I live in the beautiful hills but I like to drive out of the beautiful hills so that I can look back at the beautiful hills from a distance. Isn't that odd? As I munch on the big mac my eye traces the outline of my beautiful hills as I search for the exact spot where I live so I can imagine what's going on back there in my beautiful hills. See I am odd, you gotta admit. No-one should do this sort of crap, but I do and feel quite compelled to do this on average of once per week.

Any how, enough of the odd behaviour of me, let's get onto the odd behaviour of someone else. This is by far my favourite thing to write about as you may have noticed. I'm sitting there at my usual spot with my music player feeding into my brain nicely when I hear a sound louder than my player. This is odd because I always have the volume up high enough to stop outside noise particularly in the food court where, as I said, it is noisy. So I up the volume a bit and still this loud voice is coming through to my ears. Man that person is talking very loudly I thought. But I couldn't understand a word the man was saying because it sounded Chinese. Odd I thought. I better take a peek and see who is this super loud person. And why is he talking incessantly? So I carefully, so as not to appear too obvious, turn around and ..............
It's a bloke in brown robes. A monk! A Buddhist monk!


I thought these guys were into peace and meditation and in particular- silence. I thought they were all softly spoken minimalists. This guy defied all stereotypical notions of what a Buddhist monk is like. Not only did he talk without drawing breath for the full 20 minutes I was there at full and beyond volume he appeared very agitated with the person next to him. In fact I would have thought him to be angry with what he was saying; like he was dressing the poor woman down for some kind of transgression or something. We have all seen the fiery sermon from the pulpit about us sinners haven't we, but this guy took the prize. It was a fire and brimstone lecture if ever I heard one except it was all in Chinese so I couldn't grasp a word of it.
Still you learn something every day. I will look at Buddhist monks in a totally new light from here on.

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