Sunday, March 7, 2010

On cosmetic surgery

As I grow older I am presented with an unavoidable truth- we start becoming less beautiful and dare I say downright ugly. The urge to look in mirrors is replaced with the urge to avoid mirrors at all cost. Oh cruel world!

Some people can't tolerate this truth so they try to change their appearance to match their preconceived idea of how they looked when they were not decayed and ravaged by time. Enter the world of injections and the knives. Oh joy!So we now have a choice. This is how it is marketed to us at least. We have a choice in how we look. Our choice- Meddle or don't meddle. I guess it all depends on whether we want to be having sex or not having sex. On whether we are prepared to not turn people on any more coz we looks so horrible.

Well sex ain't everything. We gotta pay too much to keep at it if knives and injections and surgeon's fees are involved. It would be far cheaper and less painful to just go the house- of- ill- repute if this is the reason for meddling with our appearance. Furthermore, you are in big trouble though if you simply can't live with yourself if you continue to look the way you do. Jumping off a cliff is a far better option if this is the case because if you're that useless in caring about yourself then your life appears to be already over. If it comes to all this then becoming a monk sounds far more appealing. No-one's worth getting injected with poison for. And as to getting slashed up in order to make a better man of me------ forget it!!!!

So get over the looks issues and grow a hobby other than sex and you will be totally ok for the rest of your long life.

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