Friday, March 5, 2010

People who know me in the analog world

Stop worrying about my posts here and what they mean. Stop thinking that you can read how I am going out there in the world judged by what I write here. Just read my stuff- if you want to and treat it as a fiction written by someone who you don't know. You all keep trying to associate it with you, with me, with me and you. it's nothing to do with anything its a bit of writing which I enjoy doing. That's all. Stop taking on board everything that happens in life and storing it in the me me me folder of your mind. it's overloaded and getting moreso every moment of every day. This is my entertainment- it could be yours too-- if you disassociate from it. I know it's hard to do when you know the person who writes the things you read. I suppose it would be a problem experienced by all writers. The characters in their books would also always draw associations from their personal friends. You know how it goes? "Oh that character--- you were writing about me when you wrote that weren't you?" No. You are not the centre of my universe or everyone's or anyone's other than your own universe for that matter. Sorta bursts ya bubble don't it?

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