Monday, March 15, 2010

Speaking in tongues

I was at a charitable event the other night run by a Christian mission style of organisation. I like Christians. They are really friendly people in the main and they all appear to have a good attitude to life. I used to be a Catholic when I was a kid. I had no choice in it. I was born into it.

These wonderful people had built toilets for a poor village in Vietnam. It apparently was a mission given to them by God. Man that's really good!  But I'm not going into that. What I am going to comment on is the weird incongruity of the night. The good and the bad of the goody good.

I know these people are doing good things. They are to be admired. And I do. But when they throw their fundraising events the purpose is to get money from us right? Well they got our money all right, but then they want to tell you all about the good work they are doing and then they want to tweak your interest in joining them in their mission from God. Just to remind you- For them- it was bloody toilets. They do this by making you feel guilty for not doing as they are doing and they may do this intentionally or not- the end result is the same. You feel guilty that you haven't been over building dunnies in some foreign country because they have.  It all gets too much. Then further to the night's "fun" we were given the most detailed run through of the project visually and aurally. The only thing that was missing was the sense of smell of the toilets they had built. All this for 2 hours!
So I sat through the whole thing wondering if it was ever going to stop. And the wonderful sweet cakes and lovely yummies sitting on the tables around me didn't look so enticing anymore ( toilet talk and yummies don't really mix) and the whole evening just dragged on. I would have been best just dropping off my money and pissing the hell off.

The lowlight for me was to be left till last however. I'm sitting there after someone had finally stood up and said- enough of the toilet talk- and then some other bright ardent Christian soul says lets pray over it. Oh no!

And away we go. It's people doing all their public displays in words and gestures and intonations etc etc of how you are supposed to talk to God or of how they think God wants to hear from us and of course just behind me is one of those people who go into the full on spectacle--- going all the way to the top of loony---outdoing all others in the room--- she starts talking in tongues. I really despise public display of piety at the best of times. Now this speaking in tongues thing is the creepiest kind . It is cringe worthy to the max. These spooky types of people suddenly start talking gibberish----non-stop. I hate it. But apparently God loves it- don't know why. It is such an embarrassment to be near it. It reeks of pretentious bullshit. On the same level of someone who can't hold their liquor- they can't hold their God. The kids in the audience look at these grown people making absolute fools of themselves in a sort of questioning amazement. Kids are more honest and real than some adults. If this sort of behaviour comes from God how come I feel so sickened by it? So what it boiled down to: A good night ruined by someone who in my opinion used foul language in front of me---- and the kids.

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