Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's with the use of the word "like"?

I hear it all the time now--- It's like I said in like; ( notice the use of semi colon; good eh?) the past, the use of like is on the increase. I like; wonder if like; people have caught some like; disease man? They put like in whenever and like; wherever they can. It's replacing the good old umm or you know. It pisses me off because I know that people do this to pad out what they are like; saying. Idiots!. I don't need to pad out my posts with like; like. I can pad it out using all kinds of like; different words. Like just sounds like; pretentious and like; teenage and like; simplistic and like; so like; annoying....................................... Yeah- I'm sweating the small stuff but when you hear it so often it's no longer small is it?
 It goes along with the tongue out photos that the mindless moronic teenage sheep do in every fucking shot- Oh let's like; do something really different- let's like; poke out our tongue- yeah that would be so like; cool. Teenagers are morons I tell ya!!!!! And it's a youth obsessed world. Why are we so like; obsessed with morons?

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