Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot topics

Had the ex over here giving me the lecture on nutrition and health and environmental impacts statements of my life were heaped into the mix and I am just overwhelmed with how wrong I've got my life. It seems I have totally the wrong slant on everything. It also seems I am lucky to be still alive. As I sat there listening to all the errors I was making in my lifestyle I had a thought.( That, after all, is what the overthinking man does.) Women are really into nurture and nature. We blokes are just miles behind in our thinking. We are too busy keeping up with technology and on how to fix things and we forget that there are so many risks around us that can put an end to our lives in an instant. Our nutrition is so bad left to our own resources that we would keel over by age 30.
Now when I talk to  the many women I know I must stay away from those negative opinions I have held. It's not that they are totally self absorbed and they talk about how they are feeling to share with me the various things they know in experiencing their own terrible health problems to help me fix my own state of deterioration. It's not that they are just totally looking at themselves and wanting me to share their horrible pain. They are looking out for me. That's why they keep talking about their problems. They are really trying to give me the information. How wrong I have been?

I don't think I am wrong really. I'm just saying that to have a bit of fun with ya! Ha ha! Keep talking girls. It's fascinating seeing how fascinated you are with yourselves. And I'm not seriously believing this neither. Here's the truth--- it is truly painful hearing these women talk about themselves endlessly. Somehow they must have thought I was seriously asking them how they are when I greeted them with "Hi Such-and-such. How are you?" And then they tell me--- incessantly!!!!!!!! And nature. what about nature? It is cruel. Because they are female and I am male I feel I must listen intently to them because they are female and I am male and if they were male I would tell them to stop being wimps and to shut up about their troubles with their health! And they would still be my mate nevertheless. Coz that's what a bloke does to help his mate feel better.

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