Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looking good

I just read a news article that gave me a sort of intellectual indigestion. It was about looking good when you are nearly 70. It discussed the issue with none other than the beautiful Raquel Welsch

I don't know why I read it but I did and now I feel like I have eaten one too many fatty things. You see I am an artist. I can't help it I was born this way. I look at everything very carefully- everything! I look for the detail in everything. I love detail. I love beauty too. I love it beyond what a normal person would. I am fixated by it maybe. All this is the background to a very challenging existence. Why? Because beauty, once seen, needs to be captured and held-- that's what an artist does. He attempts to capture a moment of beauty and freeze it in an image. That's all very eloquent isn't it? But lets get onto the point here.
As an artist I see great beauty in the way time effects things. You know the stuff; wind erosion against the rock face at the beach, the old Spanish manor with paint peeling off-- the old an overgrown garden it goes on---. So why then don't people see beauty in the ageing face? Well we know why. Sex. Sex ruins it. It pollutes our attitude to our own ageing process. We are like fruit that goes off not humans. And this is so evident by the way women are treated. If they are no longer that perfect ripe but not over ripe fruit then they are caste aside. They are finished with. And what do I mean by finished with? The media drops them like a hot potato at the first sign of a wrinkle.

The media however, is just a reflection of our human ways. If we wander through a shopping mall do we keep our eyes peeled for grannies or do we go around catching fleeting glimpses of those youthful beauties? Even if we didn't wish to behave like that we still feel the compulsion to do it. So ageing is beautiful in all things excepting the the physical human being.

It's nature; can't change it; but you can complain about it. Especially when like me, you are the other side of 50.

So back to my indigestion.

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