Saturday, April 10, 2010

More belief stuff

Big bang and man coming from apes and a bloke born of a virgin coupla thousand years ago who walked on water and came back from death. Man we will believe anything won't we?  It doesn't matter if science tells us or religion tells us, there are great untruths in both. All these will be revealed over time. This is now and make no mistake we are still very primitive even if you may think we are advanced.

Now, I'm no expert. But I do think I am rational. The things that people expect me to believe because they believe it does not make them the truth. But if you actually say that to them, well you have to go to battle stations. Or at the very least you can expect a drop in level on their preferred persons to be around list. I still will say it- the things you hold as truth today are abandoned beliefs tomorrow. If you do not accept that this is the case then you are not progressive but stagnant. And stagnant water stinks. Read into it what you will.

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