Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh the genie is out of the bottle

Ipad. They are out in the wild here in Oz and the suckers are there lining up to be the first. One word for these poor souls- unhinged. Apparently even the staff at Apple are unhinged. Apparently being a true fan of Apple required that you be unhinged. It's the only valid response to something so important as an apple product.

I walked into Borders last night and there in the doorway to their store they had their sad little $199 e reader. It looked totally pathetic by comparison. But it was gentle to the eyes. Oh the Ipad is so much better though. It's an overgrown Iphone that will capture everyone in the end. Why? Because we are all unhinged. We may not realize it-- but we are.

Here's the report- it's stomach churning stuff-- not for the feint hearted. In the capturing of the consumers' hearts and minds--- It's a war zone out there.

Wild scenes at iPad launch - mostly from Apple staff

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No place for the feint hearted

The politically correct here in the organic world, the goody two shoes and the bleating sheep, they all rule us here. They control what we say and do in ever increasing ways. These same people have turned our children into self absorbed wimpy little princes and princesses. God help the latest generation. If they ever suffer a sore toe they will be beside themselves.

So when I see these same do gooders trying to censor the internet I say tell them to fuck the hell off!!! Take your pansy ways outta cyberspace and never come back. We have to let off steam somewhere in an ever controlling world and the net is the perfect place to do it. In a harmless and free speech kind of way. I'm not for the shit but at the same time I'm not for restriction of the net in any way. It must be an anarchy. We need an anarchy somewhere. There are more than enough rules here in the real world. We need freedom somewhere. And it may as well be here.

Thank goodness all those interfering do gooders are also totally clueless when it comes to tech. They are too busy buried in their bible to understand the true nature of a thing like the internet. They will fail. It's so much bigger than their tiny minds could imagine already. It's beautifully out of control. And there are enough truly intelligent people out there keeping it that way.


Windows 3 is 20 years old today and I really miss it. Yes I am mad. Why would I miss such a clunky operating system when we have our wonderful Windows 7 and OSX today?

Well I miss the struggle. I miss the feeling of being really special when you got your computer of the day to actually do something.; and to do it without crashing. And I miss that you really had to know what you were doing in those days. We who were competent at all things PC in those days were looked at as gods or at least mystics who had the secret knowledge only known to the gifted few.
Now the world is filled with pretenders. Everything happens too easily. They get really cocky in their abilities I tell ya. Like all these young egotists reckon they are so bloody smart skating around in the safe confines of their friendly operating systems. Take that away and make them work for their results and they are totally out of their depth. They have it too easy. And they think the sun shines out of their little tight arses as a result of it.

It will never go back sadly. and this is the nature of nostalgia. We forget that we thought something was a total pain in the arse at the time. We feel that the struggle imbued a quality of special to the things we had to work hard to do. So many things are like that. Take parenting for instance. No. Let's not. We're supposed to like it remember. But  kids are spoilt little brats who demand everything and give back the occasional nod of recognition of our existence in return ( if we are lucky) in reality. But we are not supposed to notice are we? Coz parenting is the best thing we can ever do. Nostalgia. It hides the pain well.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The mistaken youth

While plenty of adults are computer literate, the internet is really the realm of the young person. quote Steph Bow The Age

Well here's an example of exactly what I rail about from time to time. These young self absorbed individuals who think they are the modern elite on the computer.  I would love to ask this young girl Which generation she thinks  invented the bloody thing she reckons she and her generation own or at least have majority rights too? Answer: My generation The very one that gave these plagiarising users the stuff they call their own- The cursed Baby Boomers!!! Oh when are these pumped up little princes and princesses going to get over themselves? When they have babies-- that's when.

In the meantime; When are they gonna actually invent something really important or make anything that is truly original and not simply derived or outright stolen from my generation? Let's see ya baby girl!!! Let's see ya !!! We're waiting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Presidential agreement

Concerning my writings on the dangers of modern living the president of the United States of America took note and agreed with me yesterday. See Here
Wow. I didn't know he read my humble blog. Nothing would surprise me about him. He is a very amazing and intelligent person. And he's really good looking like me. I was totally incorrect in my I know blog also yesterday. I thought I was a little person but no---- I am huge. The President follows me. Man!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I know

See I know my life is small. I have seen through the illusion. I accept my lot.

But I am amazed at how some people think  they are especially important and destined for greatness; and by simple association everything around them is also extremely important; in fact it actually revolves around them. Oh yeah. This is the me generation.

I guess these people would describe me as a self deprecating pessimist.


They would be right.

Held alongside their lofty expectations and feelings of self importance--- yep they would be right!

But a little voice inside me says---

"I still like being me. Because I know anonymity and being little and unimportant equals peace.
Lack of expectations results in pleasant surprises instead of bitter disappointments.
Blessed are the wimps for they shall----- relax!"

Dangerous times

Yes they are my friends. We are all losing our minds--- rapidly. With the amount of input we receive each day we have a brain full of stuff. We are so filled with this stuff coming from you know where- the glowing rectangles we peer at all day- that our ability to actually feel at peace is fast disappearing. I am amused by the smugness of the young people I know- particularly school aged kids. They are so full of themselves in their ability to suck it all up like a sponge. They think that these waves of information coming in from an endless sea of useless crap break against them like rocks in the ocean. In other words they are coping big time. Oh no! This same diet of over-information is going down their intellectual plug hole and they too are filling up. Give them another few years, and I am talking maybe 10 max- and they will be struggling just like us old farts.

I am at the stage now whereby if I am at the library and I am browsing the books i get as far as the title, the synopsis on the back cover, a quick flip through then I make the decision to actually borrow the book then I continue to the next book, still carrying my first choice, repeat the process and so on till i have maybe 3 or 4 books.
Then this thought comes in---

-"I'm wasting my time. I'm never going to read these books."

The thought of actually reading them is exhausting. I know I will be sitting reading useless shit on the Web in preference to reading this shit in these books. So then I go ahead and put them all back and exit the library. Reading is now a chore-- not a pleasure. I am suffering burn out.

Then Apple chief, Mr Jobs in his neverending quest to rule the minds of men ( well, their pockets at least) decides to send out his next wave of useless information receiving devices-- the bloody useless IPad--- and we are again at the mercy of more crap flowing in from a slightly bigger or slightly smaller glowing rectangle depending on what device we have come from. See. You must have them in all sizes so you are never without one of them. We will need 10 different size screens in the end. Why? Well we have 10 fingers don't we? Oh hang on. Then we have 2 eyes so better make that 20. Yep. I can handle that. 20 devices at once-- no problem. I'm just limbering up right now. Gotta keep up with the youth of the world. They are so cool. No they ain't-- little pumped up me me lovers is what they are really.

Oh man- I'm so tired. It will be over soon. Another 20 years or so and I will have some peace. If I'm lucky. They will probably keep our brains going after we have curled up our tootsies by then. Yep. I will be just this burnt out brain sitting in a saline solution with wires- oh hang on no it's wifi, I will be a brain sitting in a saline filled beaker. But still a burnt out brain- no change. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's look ugly

I was just reading this article on how celebrities are going natural-- no photoshopping and stuff. But I like the look of the fake stuff!!! They are butt ugly without it. There has gotta be somewhere for a bloke to fantasize don't there? Ha. just kidding. They need to come down to our level don't they. I live with ugly. We are all ugly really. We are not the perfect flowers in the garden- we -unlike the fruit and veg we choose at the supermarket-- are not blemish free. My advice-- candlelight works well. A tiny bit of photoshop too when putting stuff up on the web. You just gotta take the edge off--- a bit. We don't want to look plastic do we?

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Little Things

I started thinking about my life this morning and I thought " I haven't really achieved much" But then I thought " Well no-one really achieves much when comparing his life to that of the world of celebrity" To exemplify this point: I saw Russell Crowe interviewed by Dave letterman a few nights ago. And he is a master at pretending that he is just an ordinary bloke outside acting in major movies. In fact a lot of these questionably talented stars try to make out that their lives are ordinary outside their job. It's to do with the old saying: it is the little things in life.

Here on this blog I discuss the little things in life. It is my main concern because all of my concerns are little things. I make no bones about it. I am truly a little person. There are those around me however who think that what I say has some meaning and is important. They seem to overlook that I am a little person with little things to say. Sometimes they even get insulted by what I say. How's that for a laugh. Getting insulted by me- the littlest person you could know? If you still don't follow what I am saying here then I will put it this way. I am an under-utilized person with too much time on his hands who sits at a computer typing all kinds of tiny little thoughts that mean nothing to anybody but himself. There.

Now we have cleared that up. It's back to writing about dishes and people's annoying little traits and whatever tiny little thing pops into my tiny little mind at the time. Bored yet?