Monday, May 10, 2010

Dangerous times

Yes they are my friends. We are all losing our minds--- rapidly. With the amount of input we receive each day we have a brain full of stuff. We are so filled with this stuff coming from you know where- the glowing rectangles we peer at all day- that our ability to actually feel at peace is fast disappearing. I am amused by the smugness of the young people I know- particularly school aged kids. They are so full of themselves in their ability to suck it all up like a sponge. They think that these waves of information coming in from an endless sea of useless crap break against them like rocks in the ocean. In other words they are coping big time. Oh no! This same diet of over-information is going down their intellectual plug hole and they too are filling up. Give them another few years, and I am talking maybe 10 max- and they will be struggling just like us old farts.

I am at the stage now whereby if I am at the library and I am browsing the books i get as far as the title, the synopsis on the back cover, a quick flip through then I make the decision to actually borrow the book then I continue to the next book, still carrying my first choice, repeat the process and so on till i have maybe 3 or 4 books.
Then this thought comes in---

-"I'm wasting my time. I'm never going to read these books."

The thought of actually reading them is exhausting. I know I will be sitting reading useless shit on the Web in preference to reading this shit in these books. So then I go ahead and put them all back and exit the library. Reading is now a chore-- not a pleasure. I am suffering burn out.

Then Apple chief, Mr Jobs in his neverending quest to rule the minds of men ( well, their pockets at least) decides to send out his next wave of useless information receiving devices-- the bloody useless IPad--- and we are again at the mercy of more crap flowing in from a slightly bigger or slightly smaller glowing rectangle depending on what device we have come from. See. You must have them in all sizes so you are never without one of them. We will need 10 different size screens in the end. Why? Well we have 10 fingers don't we? Oh hang on. Then we have 2 eyes so better make that 20. Yep. I can handle that. 20 devices at once-- no problem. I'm just limbering up right now. Gotta keep up with the youth of the world. They are so cool. No they ain't-- little pumped up me me lovers is what they are really.

Oh man- I'm so tired. It will be over soon. Another 20 years or so and I will have some peace. If I'm lucky. They will probably keep our brains going after we have curled up our tootsies by then. Yep. I will be just this burnt out brain sitting in a saline solution with wires- oh hang on no it's wifi, I will be a brain sitting in a saline filled beaker. But still a burnt out brain- no change. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

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