Friday, May 7, 2010

The Little Things

I started thinking about my life this morning and I thought " I haven't really achieved much" But then I thought " Well no-one really achieves much when comparing his life to that of the world of celebrity" To exemplify this point: I saw Russell Crowe interviewed by Dave letterman a few nights ago. And he is a master at pretending that he is just an ordinary bloke outside acting in major movies. In fact a lot of these questionably talented stars try to make out that their lives are ordinary outside their job. It's to do with the old saying: it is the little things in life.

Here on this blog I discuss the little things in life. It is my main concern because all of my concerns are little things. I make no bones about it. I am truly a little person. There are those around me however who think that what I say has some meaning and is important. They seem to overlook that I am a little person with little things to say. Sometimes they even get insulted by what I say. How's that for a laugh. Getting insulted by me- the littlest person you could know? If you still don't follow what I am saying here then I will put it this way. I am an under-utilized person with too much time on his hands who sits at a computer typing all kinds of tiny little thoughts that mean nothing to anybody but himself. There.

Now we have cleared that up. It's back to writing about dishes and people's annoying little traits and whatever tiny little thing pops into my tiny little mind at the time. Bored yet?

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