Saturday, May 15, 2010

The mistaken youth

While plenty of adults are computer literate, the internet is really the realm of the young person. quote Steph Bow The Age

Well here's an example of exactly what I rail about from time to time. These young self absorbed individuals who think they are the modern elite on the computer.  I would love to ask this young girl Which generation she thinks  invented the bloody thing she reckons she and her generation own or at least have majority rights too? Answer: My generation The very one that gave these plagiarising users the stuff they call their own- The cursed Baby Boomers!!! Oh when are these pumped up little princes and princesses going to get over themselves? When they have babies-- that's when.

In the meantime; When are they gonna actually invent something really important or make anything that is truly original and not simply derived or outright stolen from my generation? Let's see ya baby girl!!! Let's see ya !!! We're waiting.

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