Sunday, May 23, 2010

No place for the feint hearted

The politically correct here in the organic world, the goody two shoes and the bleating sheep, they all rule us here. They control what we say and do in ever increasing ways. These same people have turned our children into self absorbed wimpy little princes and princesses. God help the latest generation. If they ever suffer a sore toe they will be beside themselves.

So when I see these same do gooders trying to censor the internet I say tell them to fuck the hell off!!! Take your pansy ways outta cyberspace and never come back. We have to let off steam somewhere in an ever controlling world and the net is the perfect place to do it. In a harmless and free speech kind of way. I'm not for the shit but at the same time I'm not for restriction of the net in any way. It must be an anarchy. We need an anarchy somewhere. There are more than enough rules here in the real world. We need freedom somewhere. And it may as well be here.

Thank goodness all those interfering do gooders are also totally clueless when it comes to tech. They are too busy buried in their bible to understand the true nature of a thing like the internet. They will fail. It's so much bigger than their tiny minds could imagine already. It's beautifully out of control. And there are enough truly intelligent people out there keeping it that way.

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