Sunday, May 23, 2010


Windows 3 is 20 years old today and I really miss it. Yes I am mad. Why would I miss such a clunky operating system when we have our wonderful Windows 7 and OSX today?

Well I miss the struggle. I miss the feeling of being really special when you got your computer of the day to actually do something.; and to do it without crashing. And I miss that you really had to know what you were doing in those days. We who were competent at all things PC in those days were looked at as gods or at least mystics who had the secret knowledge only known to the gifted few.
Now the world is filled with pretenders. Everything happens too easily. They get really cocky in their abilities I tell ya. Like all these young egotists reckon they are so bloody smart skating around in the safe confines of their friendly operating systems. Take that away and make them work for their results and they are totally out of their depth. They have it too easy. And they think the sun shines out of their little tight arses as a result of it.

It will never go back sadly. and this is the nature of nostalgia. We forget that we thought something was a total pain in the arse at the time. We feel that the struggle imbued a quality of special to the things we had to work hard to do. So many things are like that. Take parenting for instance. No. Let's not. We're supposed to like it remember. But  kids are spoilt little brats who demand everything and give back the occasional nod of recognition of our existence in return ( if we are lucky) in reality. But we are not supposed to notice are we? Coz parenting is the best thing we can ever do. Nostalgia. It hides the pain well.

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