Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh the genie is out of the bottle

Ipad. They are out in the wild here in Oz and the suckers are there lining up to be the first. One word for these poor souls- unhinged. Apparently even the staff at Apple are unhinged. Apparently being a true fan of Apple required that you be unhinged. It's the only valid response to something so important as an apple product.

I walked into Borders last night and there in the doorway to their store they had their sad little $199 e reader. It looked totally pathetic by comparison. But it was gentle to the eyes. Oh the Ipad is so much better though. It's an overgrown Iphone that will capture everyone in the end. Why? Because we are all unhinged. We may not realize it-- but we are.

Here's the report- it's stomach churning stuff-- not for the feint hearted. In the capturing of the consumers' hearts and minds--- It's a war zone out there.

Wild scenes at iPad launch - mostly from Apple staff

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