Monday, June 28, 2010

Ear Vacuum

I have been struggling with hearing out of my right ear for the last 5 weeks.

I finally got in to see an ear doctor and he stuck a mini-vacuum cleaner in my ear and vacuumed out this huge mass of garbage.

I knew people talked shit. And over my 58 years I have accumulated it-- in my friggin' ear!!!!

It's gone now. But I fear a continuation of the build-up. So I have stopped listening to people's shit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't stay quiet

Those rotten rich bastards have gone and got our PM the sack. I don't want no readhead PM. I was happy with the beigehead I voted for.

Make no mistake people-- those rich pricks run this country not the government. How is it that those exploitative and greedy types are rewarded for their self centred ways and made out to be heroes in our society at the same time?

We owe them nothing. Our wealth, in no way, is tied into their wealth. This is the myth they have us believe. Our wealth is dependant on us getting it despite their wealth. We have just lost our PM by the internal workings of the fat cats getting inside the political  sanctum.

Oh Well. I guess I will contact Kev and see if he would like to learn how to crochet. I could also introduce him to the joys of dishwashing. He needs something to do whilst he gets over the pain.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Sunspots Still??

The Sun is very quiet. Strange!
This is supposed to be it's 11 year cycle activity high and nothing is happening. No sunspots.

I feel the same way. I have run out of things to think about. You may have noticed the slow decline in the amount of writings appearing here at overthinking. You may also notice I am repeating myself. But Hell! I can't keep up the momentum forever. There is simply not enough in my humble life to sustain the variety or even warrant the overthinking in the first place.

Oh! And it could be that I have just gone ahead and got myself a life so don't need this daily purging of inner angst.

Yep! That's it! I'm finished-- for now--- sorta.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Psychic or Sick -ick

John Edwards, the guy who talks to dead people,  is in the news here in Melbourne.

i have seen this guy on the old foxtel on his show Crossing Over or whatever it's called.

Yep. He speaks to dead people. It's how he makes his living. And he does very well from it too I would think.

I think I will start talking to dead people too. The live ones are getting pretty boring right now. And they are all too busy to talk now anyway. I reckon I may get more time out of those who have run out.

But seriously now. Well as serious as I can get on this silly posting-- who can talk to the dead? No-one --that's who.

Anyone who says they talk to the dead is able to do so because they require no proof. They simply have to be tricky in what they say. They gotta be good at fishing too. If you are good at these things there is a good salary awaiting you. This is because there are so many gullible people out there who want to believe that there is a way to talk to deceased loved ones. They are desperate. They can't let go of the dead. They simply must hold onto any hope whatsoever that they can in some way connect with their dearly departed.

But God allows no connection between the living and the dead. This is because there is no purpose to it. I mean what purpose does it serve? It doesn't help the person let go in the least because then the departed are suddenly alive again and we know that this is not in the big or divine plan. We wouldn't die if it were to be so.

I'm a fortune teller myself. Here I go. I will make this prediction that is 100% accurate. You and I are gonna die. We are not coming back and we won't be able to communicate with our loved ones whom we leave behind. It's all over Red Rover. There now you can rest easy in what the future has in store for you. No need for Mr Edwards anymore.

You got it here on overthinking for free

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Apple needs to make

Shavers. They could make electric shavers that have screens in them so you could watch the news whilst you shave or maybe they could put a shaver in the next Iphone.

Steve Jobs could then launch it clean shaven. Or better still having a shave. That would be so cool. Now that would be a selling point!


Americans love oil. But now that they are wearing it maybe they may see the merit in moving on to some other kind of energy to fuel their lifestyle. Deep sea drilling is too risky. They may need another bath in the black goo before they wake up however. The need for day to day lifestyle is more important than anything to we ostriches with our heads in the sand.

It inspires me to ask the age old question. The only truly relevant question:

What's it gonna take?

This in the Age online today " Excuse me, which country is the biggest oil consumer on the planet? Who refused to do anything about climate change, or even to put sensible taxes on gas? Heck, your president even flies around in a 747 when a modest Gulfstream jet would get him there just as fast. So of course the oil companies have to drill in more and more dangerous places. If you insist on being addicted to cheap oil, you have to recognise there are risks attached. So grow up, and stop acting like children."

Yep it's sort of poetic justice isn't it? I feel sorry for the wildlife though. It is the innocents that are being killed. The fat cat land lubbers are still fuelling their cars and resisting any change to their consumer habits.

Though they now do a bit of fist waving and of course the inevitable finger pointing. The finger needs to turn around and point to the individual really- 6.5 billion of them and rising by the second. We are all part of this. It's not  just the companies who stuff things up that cause the problem. Every one of us buys the shit and everything that comes from it. It is the true heroin of the masses. We would not be without it.

So while we are caught needing it so much this is the way it will be. The future's gotta come and quickly. We can't hold back we are in this oily world and we have to keep slipping on it till we find some other way. We all know that this is not going to happen though. We will always need oil. But we won't need as much as we do now if we learn to live a more conservation style of life.

Stuff that eh? Rather be dead!

The new church

I was at the Digital Life exhibition here in melbourne on Saturday. Other than feeling like an alcoholic in a bottle shop I felt pretty good about seeing all the latest cameras etc. But here I go again------- those dickheads from Apple!!! I am so over their religious type of behaviour. I walked past their stand early on and there was much whooping and hollering going on. That was sickening enough. Then I walk past it again later in the day and the congregation were sitting in their pews mesmerised by their preacher. That too was an alarming sight. Apple appears truly a religion for some now.

As I have said in the past, I used to think the sun shone outta Apples. Back in the '80s it was a wonderful brand. Their people had soul. They cared about their products in a healthy and realistic way. It showed and it was genuine. But it was never like this sick starry eyed brainwashed look they all have now. It has all travelled up the scale way too much and now has them behaving  exactly like members of a religious cult.

In fact I think the most fundamental of religious zealots in full flight could not muster as much frenzy as many of these Apple people.

What's that say about us? Lost it or what?