Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The new church

I was at the Digital Life exhibition here in melbourne on Saturday. Other than feeling like an alcoholic in a bottle shop I felt pretty good about seeing all the latest cameras etc. But here I go again------- those dickheads from Apple!!! I am so over their religious type of behaviour. I walked past their stand early on and there was much whooping and hollering going on. That was sickening enough. Then I walk past it again later in the day and the congregation were sitting in their pews mesmerised by their preacher. That too was an alarming sight. Apple appears truly a religion for some now.

As I have said in the past, I used to think the sun shone outta Apples. Back in the '80s it was a wonderful brand. Their people had soul. They cared about their products in a healthy and realistic way. It showed and it was genuine. But it was never like this sick starry eyed brainwashed look they all have now. It has all travelled up the scale way too much and now has them behaving  exactly like members of a religious cult.

In fact I think the most fundamental of religious zealots in full flight could not muster as much frenzy as many of these Apple people.

What's that say about us? Lost it or what?

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