Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Americans love oil. But now that they are wearing it maybe they may see the merit in moving on to some other kind of energy to fuel their lifestyle. Deep sea drilling is too risky. They may need another bath in the black goo before they wake up however. The need for day to day lifestyle is more important than anything to we ostriches with our heads in the sand.

It inspires me to ask the age old question. The only truly relevant question:

What's it gonna take?

This in the Age online today " Excuse me, which country is the biggest oil consumer on the planet? Who refused to do anything about climate change, or even to put sensible taxes on gas? Heck, your president even flies around in a 747 when a modest Gulfstream jet would get him there just as fast. So of course the oil companies have to drill in more and more dangerous places. If you insist on being addicted to cheap oil, you have to recognise there are risks attached. So grow up, and stop acting like children."

Yep it's sort of poetic justice isn't it? I feel sorry for the wildlife though. It is the innocents that are being killed. The fat cat land lubbers are still fuelling their cars and resisting any change to their consumer habits.

Though they now do a bit of fist waving and of course the inevitable finger pointing. The finger needs to turn around and point to the individual really- 6.5 billion of them and rising by the second. We are all part of this. It's not  just the companies who stuff things up that cause the problem. Every one of us buys the shit and everything that comes from it. It is the true heroin of the masses. We would not be without it.

So while we are caught needing it so much this is the way it will be. The future's gotta come and quickly. We can't hold back we are in this oily world and we have to keep slipping on it till we find some other way. We all know that this is not going to happen though. We will always need oil. But we won't need as much as we do now if we learn to live a more conservation style of life.

Stuff that eh? Rather be dead!

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