Thursday, June 10, 2010

Psychic or Sick -ick

John Edwards, the guy who talks to dead people,  is in the news here in Melbourne.

i have seen this guy on the old foxtel on his show Crossing Over or whatever it's called.

Yep. He speaks to dead people. It's how he makes his living. And he does very well from it too I would think.

I think I will start talking to dead people too. The live ones are getting pretty boring right now. And they are all too busy to talk now anyway. I reckon I may get more time out of those who have run out.

But seriously now. Well as serious as I can get on this silly posting-- who can talk to the dead? No-one --that's who.

Anyone who says they talk to the dead is able to do so because they require no proof. They simply have to be tricky in what they say. They gotta be good at fishing too. If you are good at these things there is a good salary awaiting you. This is because there are so many gullible people out there who want to believe that there is a way to talk to deceased loved ones. They are desperate. They can't let go of the dead. They simply must hold onto any hope whatsoever that they can in some way connect with their dearly departed.

But God allows no connection between the living and the dead. This is because there is no purpose to it. I mean what purpose does it serve? It doesn't help the person let go in the least because then the departed are suddenly alive again and we know that this is not in the big or divine plan. We wouldn't die if it were to be so.

I'm a fortune teller myself. Here I go. I will make this prediction that is 100% accurate. You and I are gonna die. We are not coming back and we won't be able to communicate with our loved ones whom we leave behind. It's all over Red Rover. There now you can rest easy in what the future has in store for you. No need for Mr Edwards anymore.

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