Friday, August 13, 2010


Ok I went to see this much touted  sci-fi movie the other night. Firstly let me say that it really isn't as good as people make out. It's a great concept but the acting and the movie itself is not really that brilliant. It's still nothing new. The dream within a dream thing and the lost reality thing has been done before. But let me state the real reality of the movie- it's a mess! And it's not that great to look at neither. I was not overwhelmed by the special effects or the actors. The character development was just ordinary. The bottom line was that it was a total mess. People are confused by total messes. People have been confused into thinking this movie means something and is brilliant. They have been blinded by confusion. The concept was derived from many movies over many years and wrapped up new. Just as everything else we are told is earth shattering in cinema nowadays.

We were promised that it would be different-- with the vast amount of gunplay in it-- it is not different at all. It's a series of action sequences strung together by interactive storyline layers.

The question posed is--- Would the real reality please stand up?

Now as the overthinking man what do I reckon about the questions the movie posed concerning reality?

Reality------ who knows? Pain is a good way to assess one's reality. But the best gauge of the real reality is  as it always has been. Doing the dishes. Nothing could be so boring except the real reality. Forget the much touted totem thing---- dishes---- dirty dishes--- that's it!

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