Thursday, September 2, 2010

This blog now in Permanent Hiatus

I figured out that I can stop overthinking by property development. I have heaps of tradesman type projects to perform. It leaves no time to think of the useless crap I have filled this quaint little blog with over the years. I can see now why people keep themselves so busy. It's the best way to stop those worrying thoughts. Head down- arse up--- way to go.

And to all those troubled people who have been reading my unimportant posts over the years--- I hope you got something from them. I did. And as you allow yourself to slip into your own preoccupations-- think of me-- think of how I discovered the best way of escaping from the prison of self absorption. Simple. Bite off more than you can chew--- and chew like buggery!!! No time for self indulgence then. Your problems with yourself are therefore immediately solved.

Cheers all-- I'm cured