Concept behind the Overthinking Blog

Some 3 years ago I woke in fright. After a 24 year marriage I was alone again. Like so many of us I had another, in fact a second marriage failure. Two down- how many more?

Rather than go insane at the time, I decided to let it all hang out. I didn't feel like taking up a life of bar flying or sitting in front of the box. I thought it may be best to just think. Nothing else-- just sit---rest-- think. I was tired of all the doing. It seemed to be fairly pointless. I felt lazy and I liked it. My get up and go-- got up and went!

The bland and mundane little blog entitled Overthinking is part of this uneventful lifestyle I have now adopted.

If you still don't get it let me point you to a movie that may help you to understand the mind I am in. The Big Lebowski. Watch it and you will see my hero-- the dude. Thats me. Well not quite. I couldn't be bothered getting pissed or stoned and I hate any kind of sport including bowling- too much effort there. The dude does have more energy than me you see.

Now in case you still haven't got it-- it's supposed to be very tongue in cheek. Very.

it's supposed to be a little bit funny- if it's not it's because-----well--- it's not--- well--- maybe I am just not funny--- or maybe some posts are funny and some aren't--- see I don't have an issue with failing at things--- in fact I don't really give a shit. I just do it- not for anyone--- just because I like doing it. And what is it? Writing. It's therapeutic. It's how I get over the disappointments of my life. So that my dear friends is the concept of Overthinking.

Boring hey? Oh well. Piss off then! See ya later---not.